Drive consistency and excellence at every location.

Armed with Benchmark Intelligence you'll know the condition of each location and how the customer sees it, in real time.

Benchmark Apps
Field Auditing

Streamlined Field Auditing

Easily create and deploy surveys to the field. Field auditors record their findings with any mobile device and reports are automatically graded and summarized.

Text Feedback

Text Message Feedback

Customers text whatever they see or experience. AI responses deliver a considerate response and notify you of red flags so you can resolve the issue or otherwise take action. Our innovative reporting allows you to see trends and explore topics.

Data Monitoring

Integrated Data Monitoring

Monitor location performance over time and much more. The Benchmark Intelligence Dashboard is your integrated solution for quality management.

Real time. Like your business.

With real time data you're able to pin point areas of concern and take action immediately.

As information is collected and instantly organized, the appropriate parties receive the reduced, actionable information via notifications. No waiting for reports to be processed or feedback to find it's way to the right person before your team can take the necessary steps and keep customers coming back.

Benchmark Intelligence Dashboard

No Barriers.

With Benchmark Intelligence, barriers to surfacing issues are as minimal as possible, allowing for the free flow of information while the software handles data organization.

Text Message Feedback

The fastest and most convenient way for customers to share feedback is via text message. No app downloads, long surveys or automated phone calls. Customers share their experience in a qualitative form as soon as it happens.

By leveraging IBM's supercomputer Watson and our innovative feedback reporting platform, you'll have more data, real time insights and a reduction in negative reviews online by an average of 30%+.

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“Working with Benchmark has been a pleasure, they are good people and customer oriented” ~ Ali Nekumanesh – Executive Vice President of Deli Delicious