Improve Member Experience and Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

Collect 20x more customer feedback across your branches and call centers through text messaging.

“With the Benchmark software we’re able to get real-time feedback from our members about their experiences with us. The number of text messages we have received has exceeded our expectations and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The software is easy to use and the Benchmark support staff is very helpful and knowledgeable." Jan Dipinto, Product Manager at EECU

SMS Customer Comments

  • Collect branch level customer feedback via text messaging with a little help from Artificial Intelligence.
  • Hear from 10x-20x more customers monthly compared to surveys, email, helplines, etc.
  • Reduce negative reviews online by up to 40% because let's face it, sending in a text is easier than opening an app.
  • Have real-time conversations with your members and alleviate issues as they happen.
SMS Feedback Conversation
SMS Survey Conversation

SMS Automated Surveys

  • In addition to qualitative data collection from open-ended text messages, you can also collect quantitative data via automated text surveys.
  • Tailor survey questions based on sentiment (happy or sad) or based on keywords.
  • SMS surveys have a much higher completion rate than traditional online or phone surveys do.
SMS Survey Conversation

For Your Call Center

SMS Help-desk

  • Supplement your call center by providing your members' text (and email) support capabilities.
  • Customers can now chat with a call center rep via text messaging or have their questions answered by automated chat bot capabilities.
  • We build tailored bots (artificial intelligence) that answers your member’s most common questions, freeing up personnel for more complex needs.
  • Receive rich analytics on your call center’s most common complaints and questions.
Happy Member

Dashboard & Reporting

  • Your member experience data warehouse. On top of collecting SMS feedback from your branches and call center, we can also import social media data, secret shopping reports, comments from your website and more!
  • A Benchmark Score is generated for each of your branches, a 0-100 score that measures member experience and is calculated by weighing all the data collected/imported for each location.
  • Utilize IBM Watson's Cognitive Computing to help analyze your data and find trends and themes at the branch level as well as at the call center level.
  • Actionable insights are provided that you can use to improve the member experience of under-performing branches.
Benchmark Intelligence Dashboard

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